Coronavirus News: Large gathering of 100+ students delays school district in Westchester County

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Thursday, September 10, 2020
Large gathering of students delays NY school district opening
The start of school is being delayed at Pelham schools after learning more than 100 high school students partied in the woods just days before.

PELHAM, New York (WABC) -- The start of school is being delayed at a district in Westchester County after learning more than 100 high school students partied in the woods just days before.

It was supposed to be back to in-person school instruction Thursday for Pelham students, but that didn't happen.

"I'm really bummed, I can't see my teachers," senior Catherine Fair said.

The decision to delay the opening of the Pelham School District until Monday, September 14, was last minute, after officials got word of high schoolers gatherings in large groups in Pelham park earlier this week.

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A school statement says video showed at least 100 students engaging in risky behavior, failing to practice physical distancing and not wearing masks or face coverings.

"If they were going to delay it, they should delay it for 14 days, not two," parent Nick Lowry said.

However, parent Lindsay Preftakes says she's not upset with the kids.

"Kids are going to be kids, I'm not upset with them, I wish they use better judgment," Preftakes said.

The Pelham Teachers Union is supporting the district decision Thursday.

So now students are remote learning Thursday and Friday.

"Virtual learning is hard, I missing my friends," 6th grader Syrus Pretakes said.

It's a disappointment for many, but some are taking it a day at a time.

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