Coronavirus Live Updates: Cases rising in 25 states; NY key indicators see new lows

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Sunday, August 23, 2020
COVID Update: Death toll increasing in 25 states; Trump lashes out at FDA
The rising coronavirus death toll in the United States is still a major concern, with the daily numbers increasing in 25 states, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- The rising coronavirus death toll in the United States is still a major concern, with the daily numbers increasing in 25 states, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico.

The virus has claimed the lives of more than 176,000 Americans.

This as the Centers for Disease Control says the death toll could climb as high as 200 thousand over the next three weeks.

As drug companies race to find a vaccine, President Donald Trump is targeting the Food and Drug Administration, claiming that the agency is delaying a possible vaccine until after the November election.

Meanwhile, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Sunday new lows for COVID-19 hospitalizations, patients in ICUs and intubations.

Hospitalizations dropped to 472, the lowest number since March 16, and the number of patients in ICUs dropped to 110, the lowest number since March 15. Intubations dropped to 50, the lowest number since mid-March.

New York State's rate of positive tests has been less than 1 percent for 16 straight days. No COVID-19 deaths were reported in New York City Saturday.

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Here are more of today's headlines:

Irregularities at NFL lab

The NFL revealed Sunday that several positive COVID-19 tests were found a day earlier by one of its testing partners. The New York Jets said they had 10 false positives and the Chicago Bears said they had nine.

The league has asked the New Jersey lab BioReference to investigate the results "while the clubs work to confirm or rule out the positive tests." The NFL did not identify the teams or say how many tests were positive.

Outbreak in Connecticut

Residents of Danbury are being urged to take precautions after what officials have described as a "serious outbreak" of the new coronavirus.

NYC contract tracing program

New York City officials say its contact tracing program has met its goal of reaching about 90 percent of newly diagnosed people. The program has also completed 75% of its interviews. This comes after a slow start in June when more than 11,000 infected New Yorkers didn't provide the names of others they might have exposed. Only six in ten of the contacts who are named completed interviews, well short of the city's goal, leaving health officials to wonder what might have been.

Italy cases on the rise

Coronavirus cases are on the rise in Italy. Officials say there were more than 900 new daily cases reported for the first time since May. Nine deaths were reported. The health ministry says most of the new infections are among Italians returning from summertime travel and because there is also increased testing.

Stay at home in Madrid

In Spain, Madrid has recommended people in the most affected areas of the city to stay at home. Thousands of new cases have been reported in the past few days. People are being urged to avoid unnecessary trips and meetings, and those in the worst-hit areas are being told to stay at home. Spain eased its lockdown at the end of June.

NYC converting 1-hour parking meters to 2-hour meters

New York City announced Friday that beginning in October, all 1-hour parking meters will be converted to 2-hour meters citywide in order to offer drivers more time to shop or dine. There will be no change in meter rates for the first hour, with higher rates only for the second hour of parking. CLICK HERE for the NYC Parking Rate Map.

New Jersey gyms reopening?

Gyms in New Jersey remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the state may be getting closer to taking steps toward reopening. New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said the state will watch New York's reopening of gyms process, which starts Monday.


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