Glam Lab tries PRP skincare... but is it worth your blood, sweat, and fears?

NEW YORK CITY -- Would you try skincare made from your own blood?! Dracula would literally die for this (again).

The beauty world is no stranger to treatments such as the Vampire Facial... aka PRP therapy.

PRP stands for 'Platelet-Rich Plasma' which has amazing growth factors. It can help stimulate collagen, hair follicles and even regenerate tissue.

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So, why isn't everyone using their PRP?

Well, it's a process... and a painful one at that. You must have your blood drawn for it to be put in a centrifuge so the PRP can be separated. Then, you must reinject it almost immediately.

PRP also doesn't have a very long shelf life... until now!

Aesthetics Biomedical recently came out with a skincare line called SoME. (Get it? So ME because it's made from ME)! It's a serum that can stabilize and preserve each person's PRP for up to 3 months. So, not only can you avoid a painful injection but you just got the most personalized skincare... ever!

We went down to Smarterskin Dermatology in Tribeca to get our own PRP-personalized skincare from Dr. Sejal Shah. She's an extremely trusted board-certified Dermatologist and one of the first to get her hands on it!

It can stimulate collagen, smooth fine lines and give your skin a gorgeous glow. But is it worth your blood, sweat, and fears? Glam Lab tries before you buy (or so you don't have to)!

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