TX cops let driver off with warning after seeing Santa in 'convertible sleigh'

FREEPORT, Texas -- Santa and Mrs. Claus almost made it on the naughty list this year.

They were out in their "convertible sleigh" in Freeport, Texas, when they saw lights behind them --and not the ones for decoration.

A policeman pulled them over for a broken tail light.

Footage shows a policeman, identified as Officer Willard, approaching the Clauses in their vintage MG convertible and breaking out into laughter.

They were let go with a warning.

"Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus get stopped in their convertible sleigh for having a taillight out," wrote the Freeport Police Department on Facebook. "Officer Willard is so excited to see the big red guy, he lets them go with a warning! Merry Christmas everybody!"

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