Video shows California school bus driver stopping inches from speeding freight train

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020
School bus driver in Lodi stops inches from speeding freight train
A school bus driver in Lodi, California stopped inches from a speeding freight train.

LODI, Calif. -- Terrifying moments were caught on camera in Lodi, California, on Monday as a speeding freight train missed a stopped school bus by mere inches.

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An eyewitness, who recorded the incident, said the bus driver initially looked both ways, but then came to a stop well past the stop sign. The eyewitness then said the bus driver kept slowly pulling forward as the crossing arm lowered on top of the bus.

In a statement released by the Lodi Unified School District, it says there was a student on the bus during this incident but they were not injured.

The district says it is now trying to figure out why the bus driver pulled up so close to the train.