Señor Sisig's new food truck is a vegan's guilty pleasure

ByJanel Andronico Localish logo
Thursday, March 4, 2021
This food truck is a vegan's guilty pleasure
Señor Sisig's brand new food truck serves Filipino street food that's 100% vegan.San Francisco-based Señor Sisig rolls out a new food truck that's 100% vegan and fans are lining up.

SAN FRANCISCO -- The pioneers of Filipino street food in the Bay Area have a new addition to their empire -- a vegan food truck!

Gil Payumo and Evan Kidera are the founders of Senor Sisig, known for world-famous fusion burritos and tacos that loyal fans can't get enough of. They're now offering plant-based versions of their popular items in a new food truck, Senor Sisig Vegano.

From burritos to cheese-topped loaded fries and vegan versions of their meat options, the menu will not disappoint. The truck has been in the works for over a year, catering to the growing number of customers who wanted more vegan options.

"The goal from the start was to get it as close as possible to our normal, original menu's tastes and flavors. We wanted to create something that had that same comfort, the same experience, said co-founder Evan Kidera.

The flavors and textures are up to par with the quality and taste of the famous dishes they are known for.

"It's great, not only to support our brand and promote it in a different way, but keep that foundation of the flavors, bring a whole new part to our business," said co-founder Gil Payumo. "Opening our minds to different things, especially during this time in the pandemic, and people are making healthier choices, different choices coming into the New Year. "

Payumo and Kidera have known each other since high school and continue to grow their brand by evolving and adapting to the times.

"We started off as one food truck 10 years ago, grew to six food trucks and we recently opened our first brick and mortar on Valencia Street in Nov. 2019, right before the pandemic. Now we're starting new concepts, a vegano truck, says Kidera.

"I look at it more like a vegan guilty pleasure. You know, you don't feel too guilty after you eat a burrito or some chips or nachos because everything is plant based," suggests Payumo.

Guilty pleasure or not, Senor Sisig Vegano is worth a visit.

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