Marathoner shares running tales from around the world in new book

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Wednesday, October 30, 2019
Marathoner shares running tales from around the world in new book
More on the marathon runner who ran seven marathons on seven continents.

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) -- Michael Clinton has been an avid runner since high school. And throughout his life, he's combined his love for running with his passion for traveling.

Along the way, he accomplished a remarkable feat.

"I've had the distinct pleasure of having run seven marathons on seven continents," he said. "There are less than a thousand people in the world who have done it. So you can imagine the tale behind running a marathon in Antarctica. Or Mongolia."

It is those tales that inspired Clinton to write his latest book.

"I wrote 'Tales from the Trails' because I love running," he said, "and all the discoveries that I've had when I've been running marathons all over the world."

The book also includes intimate stories about the transformative power of running from twenty of Clinton's friends.

"Amazing stories that are inspirational, human interest stories about running," he said. "And not just what running does for you physically, but what it does to you mentally and spiritually and all of those things."

"It's a story about how people found love through running, dealt with grief and overcome addiction," he continued. "You don't necessarily have to become a runner after you read it. But it may inspire you to do something new and different in your life."

Although running can be a solitary sport, Clinton says it often leads to deep connections.

"I always find that my best relationships are those that have started somewhere along the way on a run," he said. "You're just out there together. And you're just talking about all the issues of your life and of the day. And you get very close because you start revealing yourself."

Clinton hopes when readers finish his book, they'll be inspired to start a new chapter in life.

"You'll be amazed that a mile can turn into three," he said. "Three turns into six, and before you know it you're doing a 10k. And before you know it you're dreaming about your first half marathon! And you can start at any age."


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