Coronavirus Tips: How to make no-sew face masks out of a t-shirt during COVID-19 pandemic

NEW YORK (WABC) -- The coronavirus pandemic has caused a shortage of medical supplies in U.S. hospitals. More specifically, face masks.

No sewing machine? No problem!

Lexie Perez, an officer with the U.S. Navy in Hawaii, has shared her method for turning an old T-shirt into a no-sew face mask!

Posting the video to Facebook, Navy Region Hawaii wrote, "Many people who contract COVID-19 don't show symptoms but can still spread the virus. By wearing a face covering, you are helping to reduce the risk of spreading the virus in case you are an asymptomatic carrier."

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The Centers for Disease Control and Protection has advised that "everyone should wear a cloth face cover when they have to go out in public." The CDC also wants the public to know that homemade masks DO NOT substitute for medical-grade masks and ventilators. They should be used as a last resort and in combination with a face shield.

Check out the video for a step-by-step process!


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