DIY backyard water park-style ideas for your family this summer while staying at home

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Tuesday, June 30, 2020
DIY backyard water park-style ideas for your family this summer
From a ramped slip 'n slide to a water bob, AccuWeather has do-it-yourself ideas for how to have fun in the sun this summer while still staying cool at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

With the coronavirus pandemic impacting travel plans as well as businesses like water parks, your family's summer is probably looking pretty different this year than you were expecting. But even if you won't be heading to the shore or taking a dip in the neighborhood pool, there are still easy ways to have fun in the sun while still staying cool at home.

AccuWeather spoke to David McMillen, a stay-at-home dad from Ohio who built a ramped slip 'n slide-style attraction in his family's backyard after his family canceled their planned summer road trips.

"You don't have to have an acre and quarter to have a slip 'n slide," he said. "Bigger is not always better. Fancier and more expensive is not always more fun."

"Keep it simple and let the kids come up with their own ideas. Don't let the mess keep you from having fun," McMillen added.

Monica Danielle with AccuWeather took McMillen's advice and built a water blob in her backyard for the family to enjoy. She said the entire project, which resembles a water bed when completed, cost around $20 and only required a few things: clear plastic sheeting, an iron, parchment paper and duct tape. Check out the video above to see how she made it.