Carrie Fisher describes 'Star Wars' filming in rare 1977 interview

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LucasFilm teases 'Star Wars' digital release with rare 'lost' 1977 Carrie Fisher interview
Carrie Fisher describes playing Princess Leia and working with George Lucas in a rare 1977 interview.

Between 1975 and 1978, Charles Lippincott interviewed cast and crew members about their experiences on and off set of Star Wars. Lucasfilm has released a rare 1977 interview with Carrie Fisher discussing filming Star Wars with George Lucas.

On the audio recording, Fisher recalls rehearsing lines as Princess Leia only to have her efforts dashed on set when she realized the sounds of battle would routinely drown out any dialogue that wasn't practically shouted.

"I would memorize my lines, and then wait to see if we were being blown up or not, which we were a lot," she said.

Fisher also discusses Lucas' directing style, and how at first she thought his minimal feedback meant she was "not very good."

"I think maybe Harrison [Ford] told me, that when he didn't talk, that when he didn't say anything, he was getting what he wanted."

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