#SummerOfHell: Twitter reacts to Penn Station's 1st day of track work

ByArielle Burton WABC logo
Monday, July 10, 2017

New York (WABC) -- It's time.

Penn Station's 8 weeks of track repairs began Monday, and commuters braced for the #SummerOfHell. At least they can laugh through their collective suffering by venting with gifs on Twitter:

1. This tweet perfectly sums up all the anxiety some had the night before day one of the Penn Station track work:

2. However, commuters catching public transportation to the city, dread every moment:

3. It takes everything in commuters to remain calm and give the MTA accommodations a chance:

4. But even tourists have a bad feeling about this day:

5. However, commuters just cannot help but think that the commute will look like this:

6. Uber, Lyft and other car sharing services are taking this opportunity to profit off Penn Station being a work in progress, but commuters just want to stick to the morning ritual:

7. Many are wishing commuters well during the commute, but deep down commuters know it will not be enough:

8. When commuters totally lose faith in the powers that be to make the commute as painless and stress-free as it should be:

9. At the end of the day, this motivational gif to make it through repairs gives commuters hope!

10. Shockingly, day one was not a total train wreck (no pun intended) and commuters realize these changes might not be so bad after all:

Overall, Day One seemed to go by smoothly, but only time will tell. How was your commute? Share your #SummerOfHell stories with ABC7NY!