Suspect at center of Texas manhunt, standoff charged with 3 counts of attempted capital murder

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Friday, August 18, 2023
Humble standoff suspect faces 3 counts of attempted capital murder
Things came to an end following an hourslong standoff in Humble. The suspect surrendered just before midnight when he rode out of the home on the arm of a SWAT vehicle.

HUMBLE, Texas -- Charges have been filed against a suspect in Texas accused of wounding four law enforcement officers in two separate incidents, sparking an intense manhunt and a dramatic standoff Thursday evening.

Terran Green, 34, is charged with three counts of attempted capital murder. He's accused of injuring three law enforcement officers on Thursday night -- two with the U.S. Marshal Services and one with the Harris County Sheriff's Office. This happened just one day after he allegedly shot another Harris County sheriff's deputy during a traffic stop.

The suspect surrendered five hours into a standoff in a neighborhood just outside of Houston.

The home Green was barricaded in was ripped apart as law enforcement used a SWAT vehicle known as "The Rook" to punch holes in the front of the home -- presumably trying to locate the suspect.

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An Eyewitness News camera was rolling when SWAT officers literally busted into the second floor of a home and extracted a man accused of injuring four law enforcement officers.

Green was pulled from the home while clinging to the Rook and taken into custody without incident, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said.

HCSO first obtained the Rook in 2020. It allows officials to deploy chemical agents safely and also break down doors, walls and windows from a distance, while limiting deputies' exposure.

The search for Green began on Wednesday night.

He was driving a blue Ford Escape when he was pulled over for speeding, authorities said. That's when he allegedly shot 29-year-old Deputy Joseph Anderson multiple times before taking off, sparking an intense manhunt and Blue Alert, which is for wanted suspects who have either killed or seriously injured a law enforcement officer.

Anderson underwent surgery and is reportedly now in stable condition. He has been with the department for 15 months, according to Gonzalez.

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Eyewitness News has team coverage in the wake of a traffic stop shooting that left a deputy wounded and the sheriff's office looking for a suspect.

The Ford Escape the suspect was last seen in was found at an apartment complex about 13 miles away from the original shooting scene, early Thursday morning. However, Green was nowhere to be found.

At one point, deputies located and questioned the passenger in Green's vehicle during the initial shooting. No charges were immediately filed.

The manhunt eventually led law enforcement to a home in Humble, Texas, on Thursday afternoon. Gonzalez said the house belongs to a friend of Green's.

As officers approached the home, a woman walked out with two children. The officers asked the woman if Green was in the home, and she said yes. The deputies then tried getting into the home, and that's when they were shot at.

One U.S. Marshal deputy suffered a gunshot wound to the lower leg, while the second deputy was hit by shrapnel in the upper arm. The Harris County sheriff's deputy suffered two gunshots to the upper torso but was wearing his body armor, which authorities credit with saving his life.

Authorities said the deputies were not able to return fire on the suspect and retreated from the home, as the suspect barricaded himself.

At that point, the standoff began. Multiple agencies worked for five hours before things came to an end at 11:45 p.m.

"He was in the corner of the house, upstairs, is where he was located. He was basically cornered within a corner," Gonzalez said. "He wasn't mobile. There was some debris there. He claimed he was under it and that he couldn't really move. But again, we don't know why he really didn't want to come out. We haven't found him to be with any type of injury or anything like that."

Prior to his arrest, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said that a reward of up to $20,000 for information leading to Green's arrest was being offered. In addition, the FBI also offered $20,000, and Crime Stoppers offered $5,000.