'The Bachelor' Arie is engaged again, plus a new 'Bachelorette' announced

ByJennifer Matarese via WABC logo
Wednesday, March 7, 2018

NEW YORK -- Arie broke off his engagement with Becca and wanted to make the switch back to Lauren. The big looming question was would she be able to forgive him for breaking her heart and where do they stand today? We picked back up with a recap of Becca and Arie's breakup and the immediate aftermath. We saw Arie in the limo driving away and Becca at the airport wiping away tears.

Because Jason Mesnick had a similar experience, Arie asked to speak with him and Jason agreed. He warned Arie not to go through with getting Lauren back unless he was 100 percent certain. Arie said he wishes he could turn back time and just be with Lauren. Arie says that he wants to "marry" Lauren. Anyone else think maybe he shouldn't rush into this? Arie drives to Lauren's house in Virginia and starts to have a panic attack in her driveway.

Meantime, Becca returned home to Minneapolis. She flipped through the pictures of their relationship together and sobbed on her couch. It was heartbreaking, but so true. Poor Becca is still in love with Arie and is just devastated.

After Arie pulled himself together, Lauren answered the door and leapt into Arie's arms. He said that he already told Lauren over the phone that he and Becca broke up. Lauren said that she was angry when she first heard from Arie because she thought he was just looking for closure. He told her it has been the hardest month and a half being away from her. He flat out told her that he wants a second chance. Lauren said it was hard coming home and feeling heartbroken because she felt very alone. She wasn't allowed to talk about it because the show was airing. Arie said that he hates that he put her through the breakup. Arie said that he felt like there was a lot of confidence from Becca and he saw doubt in her eyes when they were on a plane ride and it scared him. She asked him if he was confident in proposing to Becca and he told Lauren he thought she was the safe choice and he let logic take over. He told Lauren he admitted that to Becca he still had feelings for Lauren. Becca allowed Arie to call Lauren to get closure, but instead of closure he realized he loved her. He said he's 1000 percent over Becca and he made the wrong decision. "My heart has always been with you," Arie said. Lauren said that she dreamed this would happen and she can't believes that it actually did. Lauren told him that she hopes an engagement won't be too far away for them. Arie laughed and they kissed. It's so easy to be happy for them, but it's so hard knowing how hurt Becca remains.

Fan favorites from this season, Sienne, Bekah, Kendall, Caroline, and Tia were there to speak out. Bekah said that she finds Arie to be manipulative and someone who will do whatever he wants to get what he wants. The ladies were disappointed in how he treated Becca. They say they hope the best for Lauren. They found it hurtful to see him throw away his engagement so easily. These ladies were upset, but that aside, how ridiculous are Bekah's earrings?! She looks like she has Christmas tree tinsel hanging from her ears. And she's wearing a white bra under a completely see through top. Tacky. Bekah went as far as to say that she hopes Lauren gets out of the relationship. Kendall says she's actually rooting for them as she sees real love between them.

Becca came out on the stage next to talk about how she's doing now and her feelings about her breakup with Arie. She was very nervous as she got on the stage and was a little out of breath. There was a lot of negative feedback about "The Bachelor" showing the entire breakup and Becca said she knew what she got into and it was real and she is glad that people got to see what really happened. Becca said that she didn't know Arie had talked to Lauren when he called her but, she had told him if he needed closure to get it. They had even been looking at houses together. She really thought things were moving along fine. She said about a week or so before the breakup they had talked and she knew that Arie was having feelings for Lauren, but she thought they could work through it. She had expected him to get the guilt of breaking Lauren's heart off his chest, not confirm feelings of love for her. Becca said that she understands that she's not the one for Arie and she's doing OK. Chris Harrison said that he's never seen the an outpouring of love before like he has for Becca. There are actual billboards up in support of Becca! There's even a fund for Becca so that she could buy a drink and relax. She said she plans to donate the money to a worthy cause like Stand Up To Cancer. Chris Harrison said that if she donates it the show will match the donation.

Arie then came out on the stage to talk to Becca in person about their breakup. They greeted each other with a hug. Arie said it feels good to see her and he knows it has been hard for her. Becca said her biggest question was "when did you know you wanted to end things with me and go back to her?" Arie said it's when he talked to Lauren on the phone. He knew in that moment. He said he wants everyone to know this is on him and not on Becca at all. The breakup was his fault. Um, obviously Arie. He told Becca he hid the fact that he spoke to Lauren because he wanted to be sure of his feelings for Lauren and they were working and apart so he needed that time to "square away" his feelings. Becca said she is ready to move on, but she will always have love in her heart for Arie. Arie started to tear up, and then he said he regretted proposing because he wasn't really ready. He said that the pressure and having to make a decision that day is why he proposed, but it's his fault, he shouldn't have done it. Becca said that she'll never have that first engagement or proposal again and Arie robbed her of it. Arie said, "I completely agree with you." Becca told Arie she wants him and Lauren to be happy, but asked him to be honest with her and "hold her heart high."

Jason Mesnick was out on stage next with his wife Molly. They went through this same situation. Jason had proposed to Melissa Rycroft and then took it back and asked Molly back. Jason said that he wished that Arie had done the breakup privately. He added that on the flip side, people would wonder. Jason said that he had it easier because social media wasn't really a thing back then and now Arie has to deal with the backlash. Jason and Molly had to lock themselves away for a few days due to the magazines and tabloids. Jason said he suggests that Arie and Lauren get away to a smaller city and take some time to get to be alone together for at least a few weeks. Jason said that Arie is genuinely a nice person and "this show" can really mess someone up. Jason said he's been there and it's really hard, he shouldn't have proposed, but he's just a guy trying to figure his life out. Molly said the experience of having to lean on each other to get through that tough time together bonded them and they have been married for eight years.

In case you were wondering about how Melissa feels about all this, check out her tweet:

Arie was back on the stage and said talking with Becca was hard and there's no good answer for the questions she had, "I made a mistake," he said. "I did what I did, I stand by that, and I apologize." Then Lauren came out on stage and Arie was all smiles. She said that she is excited to be there and they've been waiting for the show to air so they can be a normal couple. She said they didn't watch the finale because the breakup was awful for them. She said she heard from Arie on New Year's Eve through Instagram. He asked if she was open to having a conversation and she said she initially wasn't happy he was looking for more closure but she was curious. Lauren's first question to Arie at that time was if Becca knew he was calling because she wanted to be respectful. Lauren said that they are now very happy and Arie said the experience has actually made their love stronger. Lauren said she thinks that he's been brave, honest and went about the whole process in a respectful way. Lauren said that she trusts Arie with her heart and she wouldn't have given him a second chance if that wasn't the case.

So what's next for Arie and Lauren? They plan on going on vacation out of the country for a while and then Lauren plans to move to Arizona. They both agreed at the end of the day taking flack from the public is worth it. Arie then stood up and asked Lauren to stand up too. He told her that he made some bad decisions but he can't imagine his life without her. He said he's ready to face this life with her and he loves her so much and he wants to do what he should have originally done, and he got down on one knee and asked Lauren to marry him! She said, "Definitely!" They kissed and the crowd cheered! Lauren and Arie's parents congratulated each other in the audience! How sweet! It looks like a cushion cut ring, but it's hard to tell.

"The Bachelorette" will be back this spring and Chris Harrison had the big announcement. It's Becca! Of course, how couldn't it be?! That poor girl has been through an awful lot and she deserves a shot at love again, let's just hope she's ready and not rebounding. The other ladies from her season came back on stage and rejoiced. Chris Harrison then said the show was starting NOW and brought out a backdrop like they did for Rachel! How exciting! First up, Lincoln who wore a bowtie and has a British accent! He revealed that it's his birthday and he said her being "The Bachelorette" is the best gift, he seems super sincere! Becca really seemed to like him! He called Arie a "wanker!" Next up was Chase who has a super shiny smile! He said he's ecstatic to be there and he couldn't put together a coherent thought at first! He said she deserves better than that he hopes to be that! She gave him a thumbs up. Then a banjo started playing and the guy wrote a song for Becca! It was pretty cute, his name is Brian (not sure of the spelling!) He told her that she looks incredible and he can't wait to get to know her. He was a tiny bit awkward! Out came slick Darius. He just kept on talking about how good she looked. Eh. But then he pulled it off in the end by apologizing for all men. Let's hope he's a sweet guy! Lastly a guy came out with a horse! It was really funny! Blake introduced her to Bradley his horse and he told her that she was very brave and how much he respects her. He asked her if she'd like to get back up on the horse again?! Becca did it! It looks like Becca has a great start to her season! The big premiere is May 28, 2018! Woo! During the credits it said the producers are grateful for #BachelorNation!