Coronavirus News: NY Presbyterian nurses lend hand to Utah in fight against pandemic

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Friday, November 13, 2020
NY nurses lend hand to Utah in fight against COVID
Nurses from New York have touched down in Utah to help fight the coronavirus pandemic.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Nurses from New York have touched down in Utah to help fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Thirty-one nurses from New York Presbyterian Hospital are helping Intermountain Healthcare hospitals in Utah, where earlier this week the governor declared a state of emergency.

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This past spring, New York received a major boost when health care workers from across the country bravely served alongside our hometown heroes.

"I remember the night some of the Intermountain nurses initially walked in. It was such a sense of relief for myself to know that we had just a few extra set of hands to help care for our patients in that moment," New York Presbyterian nursing lead Natalie Torrance said.

Now New York nurses are returning the favor.

"I wanted to pay it forward to the frontline workers who left their homes to aid us at our time of need. It was really vital and essential to us," New York Presbyterian nurse Wenhui Xiao said.

The nurses specialize in emergency medicine and critical care.

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