Spectacular videos show volcanoes erupting around the world

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Several active volcanoes were filmed erupting and spewing lava. (Philippe Berini/Boris Behncke/Eppixadventures.com via Storyful)

Spectacular videos show several volcanoes erupting and spewing fiery lava.

Guatemala's Volcan de Fuego, meaning volcano of fire, began spouting a constant stream of molten lava on February 23. It's one of three active volcanoes in the country and lies 28 miles southwest of the capital Guatemala City, according to a report by AFP.

Italy's Mount Etna began spewing lava in its second eruption of the year on February 27. Etna, at 10,926 feet, is the highest volcano in mainland Europe and can burst into action several times a year. According to reports, the eruptions didn't pose any danger but could be seen from the nearby towns of Catania and Taormina.

Spectacular footage showed lava pouring from Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano on February 24. Hot lava has been pouring from the Kilauea Volcano into the ocean around the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park since December 31.
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