Toy price wars may save you money

October 9, 2008 3:41:51 PM PDT
Raquel Morano planned to spend about 20 dollars when she waltzed into this K-B Toys store in Yonkers. But she saw the cheap prices and deep discounts and before she knew it $50 was gone.

"I came in for one thing and I'm leaving with the whole store," she said.

Morano fell victim to a holiday shopping strategy first launched last week by Wal-mMrt and quickly followed by other toy retailers like K-B and Target. Wal-Mart started selling 10 popular toys, like Barbie dolls, for a mere $10. K-B met the challenge and raised the ante, more than 200 toys like Elmo, the Incredible Hulk and Candyland for $10 or less.

"I need two of everything. Anytime I can save a dollar, it helps" said Denise Desarno, a mother of twins.

"It's just excellent for me because I'm getting all the deals and I love it because I saved a lot of money," Morano said.

The retailers of course hope holiday shoppers will come in for the great deals and ultimately leave with a great deal. The shoppers are just happy that in the midst of an economic crisis involving billion dollar losses, they can still find value in $10 gifts.

"With Christmas coming and everything this is going on in today's economy, you need to save and need to spend wisely," Christine Dellaris said.

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