Single mother's cookbook brings importance to family meals

May 30, 2013 3:40:27 PM PDT
Jennie Perillo is the food editor at Working Mother Magazine. She is a working mother herself, and cooking is not just a joy, it is a necessity.

"It centers me, it connects me, it reminds me I have control in my kitchen," says Perillo.

When Perillo's husband, Mikey died suddenly less than two years ago, her Brooklyn kitchen, and the food she created became even more important.

"Cooking specifically offers me control in my life, which I essentially lost 20 months ago," adds Perillo, "It reminds me there are a lot of variables that are out of my hands, but I have control in my house, I have control in my kitchen."

Perillo has created more than 125 recipes for her cookbook, "Homemade with Love", which is designed for home cooks. She knows her husband would have been incredibly proud of her book, and how she has preserved and continued with her family meals.

Family meals have provided a new perspective for a 39-year-old single mom, who knows what home cooking can do.

"If people get in the kitchen more, and are given the technique, it is like a bug - you'll want to do it more and more," says Perillo.

"Homemade with Love" is available online and in bookstores, and features many dishes kids will love.