CeFaan Kim
CeFaan Kim joined the Eyewitness News team as a reporter in September 2015. Since then, CeFaan has covered major national breaking news, including the Chelsea terrorist bombing in September of 2016, where he was the first TV reporter on scene. In 2017 he covered the massive spontaneous protest at JFK Airport in response to President Trump's travel ban executive order. CeFaan has also reported extensively on poverty in the Asian-American community in New York.

Prior to joining Eyewitness News, he was a reporter for News 12 Westchester/Hudson Valley, where he lead the station's coverage of the January 2015 Metro-North train crash that killed 6 people, the deadliest in its history.

CeFaan launched his career in 2003 as a photographer and field producer at NY1 News in New York City. In 2008, he traveled to Iowa and New Hampshire to cover the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton, Rudolph Giuliani, and Barack Obama. He also co-produced Eliot Spitzer's 2006 gubernatorial general election debate, Andrew Cuomo's primary debate in his run for State Attorney General, and Hillary Clinton's 2006 senatorial debate.

His exclusive story about a woman who died while waiting for EMTs during the "Christmas Blizzard" of 2010 forced the Bloomberg administration to admit the city's response to the storm had been inadequate.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, CeFaan graduated from New York University where he majored in Broadcast Journalism. He is a former sergeant in the U.S. Army Reserves; he graduated from Non-Commissioned Officer's Academy on the Commandant's List. In addition, CeFaan is a member of the Asian American Journalists Association and serves as co-chair of its Media Watch Committee.

CeFaan's Stories
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