Jim Dolan  | ABC7 WABC News Team
Jim Dolan knew he wanted to be a reporter in New York before he finished grammar school. He came to Eyewitness News in 1986.

Since then, Jim has reported on virtually every major story around the world; The LA Riots, The Oklahoma City Bombing, civil wars and famine in Africa, the death of Princess Diana, The Persian Gulf War, The War in Afghanistan, and the Intifada in the Middle East.

Though he has reported from more than thirty countries on five continents, Jim has always had a great love for New York because there's nothing like reporting nightly on neighborhood stories close to home, and close to the heart.

Jim's Stories
Animal rescue fighting to save abused dog in limbo due to paperwork issue
An animal rescue has volunteered to care for the dog, but it's waiting for the airline to release her.
Son comes home early from Afghanistan to surprise father - with the help of the NYPD
There was a huge surprise this week for a veteran New York cop who was called back to his precinct to help greet a VIP visitor -- who turned out to be his very own son.
'Eyewitness to a Pandemic' docuseries: How coronavirus changed the New York region
It's the story that has upended life around the world, but the impact has been the greatest here, in the New York area.
Coronavirus News: New Rochelle latest school district to require remote-only learning
The latest school district to require remote-only learning was at the epicenter of the Tri-State coronavirus outbreak.
Arrest made after NYC woman investigates dad's murder herself
A daughter's hard work and dedication has paid off to help make an arrest in her father's murder.
NYC woman on mission to solve dad's murder with or without help of NYPD
A 76-year-old man was found dying in the street in Queens - and his own daughter has been doing the footwork to solve her dad's murder.
Defund the Police: Black Lives Matter protesters want $1 billion taken from NYPD
The Black Lives Matter movement has scored some big victories since the death of George Floyd, but now they're going after an even bigger one in NYC.
Hundreds celebrate Supreme Court job discrimination ruling at Stonewall Inn
Celebrations broke out at the legendary Stonewall Inn in NYC on Monday after the Supreme Court ruled that Americans cannot be fired because of their sexual preference or their gender identity.
Coronavirus News: NYC businesses weigh dangers of reopening amid COVID-19 crisis
Many businesses in New York City are struggling with the potential dangers of reopening too soon amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Coronavirus News: NYC funeral director describes difficulties caused by COVID-19 pandemic
As New York prepares for the possibility of slowly re-opening the state and city, funeral homes continue to be overwhelmed by coronavirus victims and grieving families.