Jim Dolan
Jim Dolan knew he wanted to be a reporter in New York before he finished grammar school. He came to Eyewitness News in 1986.

Since then, Jim has reported on virtually every major story around the world; The LA Riots, The Oklahoma City Bombing, civil wars and famine in Africa, the death of Princess Diana, The Persian Gulf War, The War in Afghanistan, and the Intifada in the Middle East.

Though he has reported from more than thirty countries on five continents, Jim has always had a great love for New York because there's nothing like reporting nightly on neighborhood stories close to home, and close to the heart.

In some of the Marble Hill NYCHA apartments, the water never stops and the heat is never off, but the stoves and ovens never work.
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Attorneys for victims of a child sex abuse scandal at a prestigious research hospital in Manhattan are calling for an investigation by the New York Attorney General.
Jen Birens is using the excitement of the Mega Millions jackpot, currently approximately $1.6 billion, to lure people in to also donate money to cancer research.