Reopen News: NYC mayor announces Alternate Side Parking reform

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Tuesday, June 23, 2020
Raw Video: Mayor de Blasio announces new parking rules
Raw Video: NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio announces new rules for Alternate Side Parking.

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) -- Mayor Bill de Blasio and Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia announced Tuesday the end of twice-weekly street cleanings, the most dramatic reform to Alternate Side Parking (ASP) in decades.[br /][br /]The city will resume Alternate Side regulations for one week beginning Monday, June 29, and going forward, residential streets will be cleaned no more than once per week.[br /][Ads /][br /]"New Yorkers will no longer need to move their cars more than once per week when Alternate Side Parking rules are in effect," de Blasio said. "As our city reopens and fights back against the COVID-19 crisis, we're proud to offer more convenient options for working New Yorkers."[br /][br /]Amended rules pertain to residential "side streets" and not to commercial areas.[br /][br /]Streets with multiple ASP days would be cleaned on the last day of the week, as posted on each street's currently posted sign.[br /][br /]For example, a street with ASP regulations posted on Tuesday and Friday will now be cleaned on Friday only. Daily sweeping regulations in metered areas will not change, and DSNY will continue cleaning streets with posted No Standing, No Stopping and No Parking regulations as needed.[br /][br /]The city will enforce these amended regulations on a week-by-week basis and will assess conditions throughout the summer before determining whether to extend or modify the new regulations.[br /][br /]"Alternate Side Parking is a fact of life in New York City, and it is one of our best tools to keep our streets clean," Garcia said. "We are excited to test this new approach that will make life easier on New York City drivers, while also giving us the space we need to keep our city healthy, safe and clean."[br /][br /]The change is the most dramatic change to ASP regulations since 2000, when the city reduced the duration of sweeping windows from three hours to 90 minutes.[br /][Ads /][br /]The city has also reduced sweeping frequency in several neighborhoods, including in Brooklyn Community Board 6 (Park Slope and Red Hook), Brooklyn Community Board 7 (Sunset Park), and Manhattan Community Board 12 (Washington Heights and Inwood).[br /][br /]Alternate Side Parking has been in place in New York City since the mid-1950s, and regulations are currently in place on nearly 2,300 miles of New York City streets.[br /][br /][url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL=""][h3]MORE CORONAVIRUS COVID-19 COVERAGE[/h3][/url][br /][br /][b]abc7NY Phase Tracker: [/b]][br /][iframe SRC="" HEIGHTSMALL="300" HEIGHTMEDIUM="540" HEIGHTLARGE="720" /][br /][Ads /][br /][url HREF="" TARGET="" REL=""][b]COVID-19 Help, Information. Stimulus and Business Updates[/b][/url][br /][br /][b]UPDATES [/b][br /][url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL=""]New York City[/url][br /][url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL=""]New Jersey[/url][br /][url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL=""]Long Island[/url]][br /][url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL=""]Westchester and Hudson Valley[/url][br /][url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL=""]Connecticut [/url][br /][br /][b]REOPENING INFORMATION[/b][br /][url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL=""]What's Open, What's Closed[/url][br /][url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL=""]Reopening New York State[/url][br /][url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL=""]Reopening New Jersey[/url][br /][url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL=""]Reopening Connecticut[/url][br /][br /][b]RELATED INFORMATION[/b][br /][url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL=""]Share your coronavirus story with Eyewitness News[/url][br /][url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL=""]Stimulus check scams and other coronavirus hoaxes[/url][br /][url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL="nofollow"]Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on coronavirus[/url][br /][url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL="nofollow"]Total count of NYC, Long Island COVID-19 cases based on patient address[/url]