Bill Ritter on WABC-TV's Be Kind campaign

Monday, June 27, 2022
Bill Ritter on WABC-TV's Be Kind campaign
Bill Ritter has more on the campaign.

NEW YORK -- We want to hear your stories of people doing good. #BeKind - that's the name of it- and it is - as it sounds. Be Kind. It's a mantra we can all embrace - especially in these times when we see so much anger and vitriol.

Too much.

It's exhausting - it's not healthy. Whether it's happening on the streets or in the classroom or on social media.

So we want to help change the discussion - and have a discussion about treating each other with kindness and kindly. Also, about recognizing people and schools and programs where acts of kindness - random or otherwise - are happening. And the good that can come of it.

In fact, studies have clearly shown that doing something kind for someone else - helps you physically in so many ways - reduces stress and floods your system with hormones that make you calmer, healthier and happier.

It's a lot better than being flooded by the anger and vitriol that so many of us see. The truth is there is plenty of it out there but we can use more of it.

So join us: We're going to build on this page a kind of resource guide that can help all of us be kind. We're piggy backing off our parent company, The Walt Disney Company's Choose Kindness campaign that helped so many last year with a message of stopping bullying.

If you see someone do something extraordinarily kind - let us know. Let me know: Email me with the form you see here. Maybe we can do a story about it.

Remember to #BeKind. It can start right now., and we can all be part of it.


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