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Saturday, July 25, 2020

NEW YORK (WABC) -- In 1980, Central Park was a living symbol of the urban decay that had hold of New York City. A group of concerned and motivated citizens worked to reclaim the 843 acres for residents and visitors to enjoy as an oasis of green in the concrete jungle of Manhattan. What has transpired in those 40 years is nothing short of astonishing.

Today, Central Park is the crown jewel of the city welcoming millions each year and the private partnership that was formed to run it is still at the helm and still making improvements.

Eyewitness News' Sam Champion hosts our special looking at how the Park was transformed - and the tireless work of those who were determined to save it.

Watch Part 1:

Watch part one of our special half hour, celebrating the 40 years of the Central Park Conservancy and all it does for the park.

Watch Part 2:

Watch our special half hour celebrating Central Park, and four decades of care from the Central Park Conservancy and those who support it.

We will look back on some of the most dramatic changes but also witness what an important role Central Park continues to play in our Covid-19 reality. We will meet some of the Park's frontline workers and teams who are keeping the park clean and open so New Yorkers can use it as a much needed sanctuary. We will go inside the park and learn about its remarkable design and some of the undiscovered spots less frequented by visitors.

Watch Part 3:

Watch part three of our half hour special on the 40th anniversary of the Central Park Conservancy

In addition, we will hear about bold plans for the North End of the park and what the park of tomorrow will look like.

Watch Part 4:

Watch the finale of our half hour special on the 40th Anniversary of the Central Park Conservancy