Make homemade leather goods in 'Stitch and Sip' classes at leather shop speakeasy

WEST VILLAGE, New York (WABC) -- Stroll down Bleecker Street in The West Village and there's no shortage of shopping options, with many well-known designers hanging their shingles on the block.

But, new to the neighborhood is a men's boutique called Slightly Alabama.

Its shelves are full of hand-made leather goods and painstakingly curated men's fashions.

But what you won't see there, without looking for it, is a hidden room located in the back of the store.

Past the belts and wallets, beyond the shoes and denim section is what Slightly Alabama founder and Alabama native, Dana Glaeser, affectionately calls a dive bar.

It's not really a bar, Glaser says, but on some nights you're likely to find plenty of people gathered there enjoying a drink and good company.

And the outside-of-the retail-box-experience doesn't end there.

Past the bar is Glaeser's workshop, where he produces all of the handmade leather items available for purchase in the store. And you're invited in to witness the process.

Glaser says he wants his shop to be a shared community experience. And with that in mind, he's also offering what he calls Stitch and Sip; an opportunity to experience the craft first hand.

Glaeser says Slightly Alabama events are open to everyone, from individuals looking to learn and make something special for themselves to professional groups eager to take part in a unique team building experience.

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