Coronavirus Updates: Grocery stores take steps to protect New Jersey's most vulnerable

JERSEY CITY, New Jersey (WABC) -- There is an effort to protect people over 60 with pre-existing conditions in New Jersey by giving them special access to grocery stores.

This started at all grocery stores in Jersey City when Mayor Steven Fulop mandated that the first hour at grocery stores be dedicated to the vulnerable.

Many stores are working to protect the most fragile among us.

Stop and Shop is joining other stores on Thursday, dedicating its first hour to protect those most at risk.

The hour is meant for seniors, expectant mothers, the disabled and those with compromised immune systems, giving them a chance to get to items before they're gone and they're also walking into a freshly cleaned store.

Stores are not stopping people, but instead asking everyone to be considerate.

"I totally understand why they would do that, I'm okay with that, I encourage that, every store should be doing that," Arlene Gomez said.

"I mean look it's on the honor system and we hope that people are respectful to that, there are some people that I would've liked to have asked them what exactly is your ailment but that would've been inappropriate," Mayor Steven Fulop said.

They're asking people to use help each other during this crisis.

Officials in Paterson also announced the following supermarkets will provide senior citizens with special shopping hours Monday, Wednesday and Friday:

7am- 8am
444 20th Avenue

Paterson, NJ 07513

Golden Mango
8am - 9am
200 Broadway
Paterson, NJ 07501

Universal Supermarket
8am to 9am.
494 Ellison St.
Paterson, NJ 07501

Target had previously announced it was cutting back its hours and introducing dedicated shopping time for "vulnerable guests."


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