Coronavirus News: MTA death toll hits 41, with 1,500 positive cases

NEW YORK (WABC) -- The coronavirus continues to take a dramatic toll on the MTA, while police have stepped up efforts to enforce social distancing on mass transit.

MTA officials say 41 employees have now died of COVID-19, and another 1,500 have tested positive.

The staffing crunch has posed a challenge for the MTA to keep even diminished subway, bus and commuter rail service going.

More trains will run on the D and 2 lines in response to ridership changes.

Both of those lines had experienced large numbers of workers either sick or self-quarantined with symptoms.

Overall subway ridership is down 92%, the MTA said.

Meanwhile, the NYPD tweeted photos of police on the platform on the number 5 train at 180th street in the Bronx this morning, monitoring the distancing on the train.


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