Economy Candy sells 'CandyPacks' to help NYC's oldest candy shop survive coronavirus pandemic

ByEmily Sowa via WABC logo
Thursday, March 26, 2020
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Step inside the oldest candy store in New York City - filled with sweets from your childhood.

LOWER EAST SIDE (WABC) -- Economy Candy is the oldest candy store in New York City, filled with sweets from your childhood. But like many businesses here, Economy Candy is struggling to stay open during the coronavirus pandemic.

Owners Mitchell Cohen and his wife Skye are doing everything possible to create a fund for their employees who are unable to work as they stay home during the crisis.

"We have had to close our retail store and have gone from a 15-person operation down to just me and my wife doing whatever we can to fulfill online orders," Cohen said.

Economy Candy is hoping to spread cheer and keep their business going with their newly created 'CandyCare Packs', which are for sale on their website. For $35.00 you can send a loved one (or yourself!) a Basic Pack (candy/chocolate), a Health Nut Pack (dried fruits and nuts), or a Combo Pack (a little bit of everything).

They also have the Recess Pack, which is filled with toys, as well as Easter Packs and Passover Packs for those who may be forgoing celebrations this year but still want to spread some cheer.

Economy Candy has a long history - starting back in 1937 during the Great Depression. Owner Morris "Moishe" Cohen owned a hat and shoe-repair shop and simply had a candy cart out front. As recently laid off workers flocked to the storefront for the candy, Morris realized the need for something to brighten people's day.

Morris' son Jerry and his wife Ilene took over the candy shop in the 1980s and ran it for over 30 years together.

Now their son, Mitchell, runs the shop with his wife. After working on Wall Street, Mitchell would put in time at the shop on Sundays, to seek asylum from the finance world.

"Nothing is dull in here. There is so much variety. So much color," Mitchell told ABC 7 last year. From German Haribo's to nine varieties of Japanese KitKats, there really is candy for everyone.

"If you don't see it, it's probably not made anymore - but I will find it for you," Mitchell said.

Want to send a CandyPack to a friend or family member? Order one today on their website and support local businesses during this difficult time.


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