Eyewitness to a Pandemic: Episode 8 - Vaccines vs. Variants

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) -- There were signs -- dim in the death and dying and amid so much grief -- but signs of better days to come. The weapons against COVID-19 were getting stronger.

The vaccine was out there now and it was a race against time, against logistics, and against an army of confounding and frightening variants.

After a year of death and frustration, Spring brought with it both the hope that this would all soon be behind us and the fear that the virus was growing beyond our capacity to contain it.

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Jim Dolan | Host, Reporter & Writer
Emily Sowa | Senior Digital Producer, Videographer, & Editor
Matt Gosciminski | Videographer
Rolando Pujol | Executive Producer - Digital Innovation, Content & Strategy
Dana Bussey | Motion Graphic Designer, Creative Director
Chad Matthews | President & General Manager

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