As NYC hits record for COVID vaccinations, ZIP code tracker shows where disparities remain

Coronavirus update for NYC

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Wednesday, February 17, 2021
NYC vaccine data shows disparity in recipients
Jim Dolan reports Mount Sinai Hospital announced Tuesday night that they were canceling some appointments to give out first doses of the vaccine because they were suddenly getting fewer doses from the city than promised.

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) -- New York City recorded its best week ever last week for COVID-19 vaccinations, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday, but disparities -- particularly racial ones -- remain among recipients.

The city administered 317,227 vaccinations, a record for one week, along with a single day record of 55,339 on Thursday.

In all, 1,336,382 doses have been administered in the city since the vaccine rollout began in December, and more than 10% of adults in New York City have received at least one shot.

Zip Code Data:

The areas with the highest percentage of adults who have received first doses are:

--City Island (10464): 26%

--Bellerose/Douglaston/Little Neck: 20%

Meanwhile, there are numerous zip codes with much lower vaccination rates:

--East New York/Cypress Hills (11207): 3%

--Corona/North Corona (11368): 3%

Despite the accomplishment, de Blasio acknowledged there is room for improvement.

"We need our fair share of vaccine," he said. "We are not getting our fair share of vaccine. We've got about 45% of the state's vaccine sent to New York City, when we are performing about 53% of the vaccinations."

In addition to vaccination supply issues, ZIP code data on where the shots have been given confirm city officials' fears that distribution is not being done proportionally.

The data shows minority communities are not being vaccinated at a rate that is higher or as high as predominantly white area. De Blasio said the causes is partly geographical, but it also has to do with mistrust.

"A lot of this is about underlying painful disparities to begin with, and inequalities to begin with," he said. "Folks who have more privilege are best able to navigate this process. Folks who have more confidence in the vaccine are are going to go to more effort to get it."

He said outreach efforts are being stepped up, but the level of distrust is high. Still, he says his goal is to vaccinate 5 million New Yorkers by June, and that the infrastructure is there even if the supply is not.

"We did 330,000 last week, we could be doing half a million per week right now," he said. "Give us the supply, that's exactly what we'll do. We have the centers, we have the staffing. Give us the supply, and that's my message to the federal and state governments. Give us the supply, and we'll do half a million per week, two million per month."

He said the arrival of the new Johnson & Johnson vaccine next month will help increase supply.

Dave Evans has more on vaccination efforts in New York City.

Mount Sinai Hospital announced Tuesday night that they were canceling some appointments to give out first doses of the vaccine because they were suddenly getting fewer doses from the city than promised.

NYU Langone said it is cutting back on the number of appointments they offer to give out the vaccine for the same reason.

Meanwhile, the city has announced the opening of more vaccination sites, at the following locations:

Teachers Prep High School in Brooklyn: Opening Wednesday 2/17, prioritizing home health aides, Brownsville and East New York community. Hours: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., six days a week

Empire Outlets on Staten Island: Opening Friday 2/19, for Staten Island residents only. Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., 7 days a week.

For homebound seniors, NYC will use the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to deliver the single dose to seniors in their homes and at vaccine clinics at retirement communities. The city will vaccinate 25,000 home health aides within the coming month.

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Lauren Glassberg has the latest on the vaccination sites in NYC and who is next in line for the shot.
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