Former Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano sentenced to 12 years in bribery case, wife gets 15 months

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Thursday, April 14, 2022
Ex-Nassau Exec. Mangano sentenced to 12 years, wife gets 15 months
Former Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano was sentenced to 12 years in his corruption case, while his wife Linda received a 15-month term.

CENTRAL ISLIP, Long Island (WABC) -- Former Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano was sentenced to 12 years behind bars in his corruption case on Thursday, while his wife Linda received a 15-month term.

Ed Mangano was convicted in 2019 of accepting bribes and kickbacks in exchange for backing $20 million in indirect loan guarantees to Oyster Bay.

Mangano did not attend the sentencing of his wife nor did she attend his sentencing.

Before being sentenced, Edward Mangano addressed the judge, U.S. District Judge Joan Azrack, for approximately 20 minutes and tried to convince her that he didn't knowingly participate in any corruption scheme.

"I do not have a criminal intent in my body," he said. "I would not allow my office to be infiltrated like that."

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He said his relationship with Harendra Singh was only one of deep friendship and that he had no influence over officials in the Town of Oyster Bay.

He told the judge that he has lost everything throughout the past six years, including his job, reputation and law license.

The first trial against the Mangano's resulted in a mistrial as the jury was unable to agree on a verdict.

"My life has been destroyed," he said.

Mangano's lawyer had to stop him three times from speaking.

Judge Azrack said she was disappointed that Mangano didn't take responsibility for the crimes he committed and said he deserved to be in prison, his "rightful place with his fellow disgraced politicians."

Azrack said Mangano's crimes were fueled by his desire to make up for the money he lost by becoming a public servant as Nassau County Executive compared to his previous high-paying attorney salary.

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"Your crimes were motivated by greed," she told him. "The law be damned."

Azrack said although a jury acquitted Mangano of some of the bribery charges, she considered them in her sentencing decision because she believed Mangano was guilty.

"Democracy is a precious thing and crimes likes yours strike at its heart," she said.

Mangano was facing 17 1/2 years in prison. He said upon leaving the courthouse, "I always take responsibility for my actions, believe I'm innocent."

Linda Mangano also addressed the judge before she was sentenced.

Visibly shaking, she sobbed and begged the judge not to sentence her to prison time, but rather to a lengthy period of community service. She said she didn't lie to FBI investigators about her no-show job and that she cooperated fully with the investigation.

She told the judge that when the FBI visited her at her home, she gave them coffee and muffins.

"I did so because I didn't have anything to hide," she said.

Linda Mangano submitted to the judge a petition with 500 signatures requesting that the judge sentence her to community service and not prison.

Azrack told Mangano that instead of lying to FBI investigators about her no-show job with Harendra Singh, she should have been honest.

"Her lies obstructed a major investigation," she said. "Linda Mangano knew full well what the criminal relationship was between her husband and Harendra Singh."

Azrack sentenced her to 15 months in prison; she was facing two years.

"Linda's maintained her innocence from the beginning and, as you can see, the system reacts with vengeance when you do that, so let it be a lesson to everyone," said John Carman, Linda Mangano's attorney.

Edward Mangano must report to prison June 13; Linda Mangano must report June 27. Their first grandchild is due to arrive in August.

"I want to assure the public that their faith in government and in our criminal justice system is not misplaced," said Breon Peace, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. "The disgraceful and greedy conduct of the Mangano's has been exposed and they've been punished."

Both Edward and Linda Mangano plan to appeal their sentences.


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