How to spot fake invoices from scammers

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Monday, May 24, 2021
7 On Your Side warns of fake invoice scams
7 On Your Side's Nina Pineda warns of fake invoice scams.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- There's now a warning about clicking on invoice attachments from companies you do business with.

Scammers are using a lot of popular sites that many of us use to get to you and your wallet.

Fake invoice scams have been around for years. But now, they're getting a cyber-facelift.

They're getting more popular, targeting small businesses and consumers using platforms like PayPal.

They're even spoofing consumer watchdogs like the Better Business Bureau in an effort to bilk bucks from you.

The bills look legit, a PayPal invoice seemingly from the World Health Organization asking you to pony up $35.

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In February, automated telemarketing phone calls spiked, hitting 4.6 billion nationwide. But 7 On Your Side has just the ticket to stop the spoofs.

And a spoofed bill from Amazon states it shipped your TV, hoping you'll start paying on a whopping $2,500.

Only problem is they're both fake. They are bogus invoices generated by cyber crooks all to separate you from your personal information or money.

First type of fake invoice scam is the click bait. The email seemingly has an invoice attached. But when you click on it, malware is downloaded onto your system and this can lead to ID theft.

The next example is simple, a phony bill from a legit organization. Watch for bad spelling and grammar, one 7 On Your Side found had two typos.

The big takeaway is to beware of high pressure tactics, emails warning you to pay up or else, that's a big tip off of a scam.

Don't click on attachments unless you're 100% sure the email is legit.

And verify before paying anything.

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