Coronavirus News: 20-year-old with Down syndrome goes home after beating COVID-19

STATEN ISLAND, New York (WABC) -- Nurses and doctors were overjoyed when a 20-year-old patient with Down syndrome was released from the hospital after beating COVID-19.

Gabriella Acosta spent more than two weeks at Staten island University Hospital.

She had COVID-19-related pneumonia and respiratory failure.

Acosta spent 15 days on a ventilator while she fought to survive.

But on Wednesday, she was wheeled out of the hospital to a chorus of applause.

"She had overcome a great hurdle and her mother was at her bedside for that entire time so the clapout was for mom as well as her daughter," Dr. Pamela Feuer said.

Dr. Pam* Feuer said Acosta had some other chronic conditions like lung disease, diabetes and obesity which made her predisposed to serious COVID-19 symptoms.


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