Texas parents demand newborn back from child protective services after doctor has baby removed

ByKevin Reece, WFAA
Monday, April 10, 2023
Texas parents demand newborn back from child protective services after doctor has baby removed
Parents of a newborn are demanding the return of their infant from CPS after a doctor filed papers over concerns about the child's medical needs.

DESOTO, Texas -- A distraught Texas couple is demanding that child protective services return their infant to their care.

They said the paperwork used to remove the child from their home was incorrect, and that it said the mother was someone completely different and who had a criminal record.

Mila Jackson was born on March 21, weighing six pounds and nine ounces.

A midwife helped with a successful home birth.

Three days later, her parents Rodney and Temecia Jackson took her to a pediatrician for a standard checkup, where they got a clean bill of health and took the baby back home.

Then, they got messages from the doctor that the baby had jaundice and dangerously high levels of bilirubin.

The parents told him that, with the help of their midwife, they would treat the baby on their own.

"Several hours later into the night, he texts my phone very aggressively to take her to the hospital or he's calling CPS," Temecia recalled.

And that's what he did.

"I authorized the support of CPS to help get this baby get the care that was medically necessary and needed," Dr. Anand Bhat told the court.

CPS agreed, writing that "due to the parents being unwilling to discuss the danger and potential consequences of this condition, it is necessary for the department to intervene."

Desoto police helped CPS take the baby from them at their home on March 28.

"[They] unlawfully enter my home to take my baby from me," Temecia said.

But here's an additional problem. The affidavit used to justify CPS taking custody of the child lists the wrong mom. It lists a woman with a completely different name and who has a criminal history of neglect, but who is not Temecia Jackson - the mom who gave birth to Mila.

"Instantly, I felt like they had stolen my baby as I had had a home birth and they were trying to say my baby belonged to this other woman," Temecia said.

"We've been treated like criminals and that's far from the truth," Rodney said. "This is a nightmare I wouldn't wish on anyone."

"We are demanding that Mila be returned home today. Today, because yesterday was too late," said Cheryl Edinbyrd, the couple's midwife

Meanwhile, CPS said it can't comment on the case.

The infant has been placed with a foster family and the two distraught parents have been told to wait until the next court hearing, which is in two more weeks.