CPS returns baby girl to Texas parents after dispute over jaundice treatment

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Friday, April 21, 2023
Texas family gets baby back after jaundice dispute with CPS
Child Protective Services returns a Texas newborn to her parents nearly a month after removing her over a dispute about treatment for jaundice.

DESOTO, Texas -- A Texas couple was reunited with their newborn Thursday, nearly a month after Child Protective Services removed the infant from her parent's care.

It all began with a dispute over treatment for jaundice and quickly turned into a controversy that drew national attention.

But the story of Mila Jackson has a happy ending.

At an emotional news conference on April 6, Mila's parents, Rodney and Temica Jackson, talked about their successful home birth.

But after a routine checkup three days later, a pediatrician recommended treatment for jaundice and alerted CPS when the parents refused.

"Instantly, I felt like they had stolen my baby as I had had a home birth," the mother said.

Forcibly removed from her home in DeSoto, Texas, Mila had been in CPS custody for 22 days. Her parents were allowed to see her once a week for two hours during supervised visits at a CPS office, according to ABC affiliate WFAA-TV.

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Parents of a newborn are demanding the return of their infant from CPS after a doctor filed papers over concerns about the child's medical needs.

A court hearing was supposed to happen Thursday afternoon, but a spokesperson for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services told WFAA that "DFPS recommended dismissal of this case to the assistant district attorney."

A "motion for nonsuit" was filed, and the now-1-month-old was returned to her parents.

"Public pressure and illuminating violations of our most fundamental rights works," Marsha Jones with The Afiya Center, representing the family, said.

Jones said she blames systematic racism for the family's plight.

Pregnancy Justice Staff Attorney Emma Roth said they are "relieved that the Jackson family will be reunited, but that doesn't undo the harm," and alleges that the "Jacksons' ordeal shows the trauma of the hospital-to-CPS pipeline, which terrorizes Black families."

"This should never have happened," she said.

CPS, though, has not responded to those allegations.

As for what's next? The family's legal team says they won't get justice until everyone involved in removing Mila from her parents is held accountable.

CNN and WFAA contributed to this report.