Coronavirus News: Long Island businesses concerned over yellow zone restrictions

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Tuesday, November 24, 2020
COVID News: Concerns grow over LI yellow zone restrictions
Satcey Sager reports business owners on Long Island are becoming increasingly concerned as many parts become COVID yellow zones.

MASSAPEQUA, New York (WABC) -- Business owners on Long Island are becoming increasingly concerned as many parts become COVID yellow zones.

Along Park Boulevard in Massapequa, there's a keen sense of dread about what could lie ahead for local businesses.

It is life in the yellow zone for Levitt Jewelers. The only thing more precious than the Massapequa Park jeweler's gems -- is his livelihood.

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"It's a hit on top of a hit," Levit Jewelers owner Chris Shooshtary said. "We have our holiday season coming up, I really hope we don't have to close down again, cause I won't be able to make it."

The four new yellow zones in Nassau and Suffolk are Great Neck, Massapequa Park, Hampton Bays, and Riverhead, where COVID positivity rates range between about 3% and 5.1%.

In Great Neck, four schools closed this week to in-person learning until after Thanksgiving.

Both in Great Necks and in Massapequa Park, school officials are now trying to work out plans to fulfill state requirements for more COVID testing.

But the numbers throughout Long Island continue to rise at a faster rate than they do statewide.

Governor Andrew Cuomo was in Suffolk County on Tuesday, describing that spike over the last few weeks.

"Long Island? A 149% increase in three weeks, higher increase than across the state," Cuomo said.

For the Great Neck Diner, already doing all the right things, the new designation means no more than four people to a table.

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"You know, we're a family restaurant, so what do you do in that situation? You have to split up the family," said Rorie Miller of Great Neck Diner.

They just hope loyal customers will continue to eat outside, in their winter coats.

On Park Boulevard, the slower shops leave owners plenty of time to watch the numbers in frustration.

"I think there's a lotta stupid people around," said Gene Bodenstein of Massapequa Soccer Shop. "They're not behaving properly and it's a shame."

They wait and hope that all isn't lost.


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