Coronavirus News: New Rochelle latest school district to require remote-only learning

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Friday, August 14, 2020
New Rochelle schools require remote-only learning
The latest school district to require remote-only learning was at the epicenter of the Tri-State coronavirus outbreak.

NEW ROCHELLE, New York (WABC) -- The latest school district to require remote-only learning was at the epicenter of the Tri-State coronavirus outbreak.

No matter what they did with New Rochelle schools, some parents were bound to be upset.

On Thursday night, in a virtual meeting, some were furious.

"Its very disastrous, I wish I could change school districts," one parent said.

The New Rochelle Schools Superintendent, Dr. Laura Feijoo said schools in New Rochelle will open with remote learning only, in an effort to make sure children and their families are as safe as possible from COVID-19.

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Many parents said they are safe and that numbers are low.

"We think its the right decision to put the health and safety of our students first," Feijoo said. "Our numbers have been down because we're doing the right thing. And we're looking at schools, we see changes and spikes."

There were parents on the call who agreed with the decision and thought the safest place for their children is at home, but many raged at idea that families with fewer resources will suffer the most.

"You are creating the haves and the have nots," one parent said.

"It is an opportunity to make good decisions that are reflective of what the community wants and best practices -- health and safety first," Feijoo said.

By October, the superintendent hopes students will be able to start to come to school some days of the week.

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