NYPD arrests teen in Greenwich Village restaurant slashing of busboy

GREENWICH VILLAGE, Manhattan (WABC) -- Police arrested a teenage suspect in the slashing of a 25-year-old busboy at a Greenwich Village restaurant Tuesday.

16-year-old Dominicio Howington is now facing charges of first degree assault and fourth degree criminal possession of a weapon.

Police now say a Crime Stoppers tip led to the arrest of this suspect in the slashing attack on a restaurant worker nearly a week ago.

"I'm relieved," said Janet Kalogiannakis, a diner customer.

At the Silver Spurs restaurant where the assault happened, news of the arrest was welcome.

"I'm happy, I hope bobby gets justice," Kalogiannakis said.

"I'm glad they caught the individual and I hope they throw the book at him," said Van Iadson, a diner customer.

On February 17th, police say diner employee Bobby Barbot asked a panhandler hitting up customers for money to leave the restaurant.

He did, but came back later and slashed Barbot across the left cheek; he needed 137 stitches to close the wound.

Investigators released video and photos in an effort to capture the suspect, and finally, Tuesday morning in Manhattan, Howington was taken into custody.

Still, some say the attack on Barbot and other recent slashings have left them concerned.

"I don't feel safe anymore. If someone gets too close to me in the subway I feel scared," Kalogiannakis said.

The mayor tried to offer words of assurance.

"What has gripped New Yorkers: could it be random, something that happens to me? The answer is very, very, rare. And in the few cases, it's happened; most of those people have been caught," Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

Authorities said Howington will be charged as an adult.

There has been a recent series of slashing incidents across the city. Here is information about the others:

* 2/18 | SoHo, Manhattan | Man slashed in face during attempted robbery

* 2/16 | Washington Heights, Manhattan | Cab driver slashed in face during fare dispute
* 2/12 | Van Nest, Bronx | 20-year-old woman robbed, slashed while walking home
* 2/7 | East Tremont, Bronx | Man slashed in cheek after dispute at subway station
* 2/2 | Williamsburg, Brooklyn | 18-year-old slashed while walking home
* 2/2 | Parkchester, Bronx | 65-year-old businessman slashed during robbery
* 2/2 | Harlem, Manhattan | Man slashed in face during attempted robbery
* 1/31 | Harlem, Manhattan | Man slashed during attempted robbery on C train
* 1/25 | NoHo, Manhattan | 71-year-old woman slashed while riding D train
* 1/16 | East Village, Manhattan | 30-year-old man slashed while walking down the street
* 1/14 | East Tremont, Bronx | Man gets 100+ stitches after slashing attack
* 1/6 | Chelsea, Manhattan | 24-year-old woman slashed while walking to work
* 12/30 | East Side, Manhattan | Employee, customer slashed inside McDonald's
* 12/16 | Crown Heights, Brooklyn | Man slashed in the face coming out of subway station
* 12/16 | Whitestone, Queens | 16-year-old exchange student slashed in throat
* 11/5 | Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn | 2 slashed in head aboard C train null
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