NY, NJ residents set up community refrigerators to help feed hungry neighbors

Coronavirus update for NYC
FLATBUSH, Brooklyn (WABC) -- As the worsening coronavirus pandemic destroys jobs and incomes, a trend of neighbors helping neighbors through community refrigerators has emerged in many communities in the U.S.

In the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York City, a steady stream of hungry people, many of them seniors, are fed through a sidewalk refrigerator stocked by private donations.

Caleb McMahon, the owner of 'Salem's Hour' restaurant, set up the refrigerator. He pays for the electricity to run the refrigerator that he set up in front of his restaurant and helps organize donations @flatbushfriendlyfridge on Instagram.

McMahon says it's humbling to realize how much food insecurity is just beneath the surface of many people's lives.

Another busy community refrigerator is in nearby Jersey City, New Jersey.

It was set up by Tatiana Smith, a software product designer, in front of her home, and she pays for the electricity to power the refrigerator.

Smith was inspired to create the refrigerator upon realizing that many of her neighbors were going hungry. She organizes donations @westsidecommunityfridge on Instagram.

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