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Tuesday, September 29, 2020
3 ZIP codes in Rockland, Orange counties battling spike in COVID-19 cases
Marcus Solis has more on how Rockland County is dealing with a spike in cases and what is being done to help prevent the spread.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Rockland County is dealing with a spike in coronavirus cases, with two zip codes at the top of the list of the highest positivity percentages in the state.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said the 10 zip codes with highest percentage positivity accounted for 25% of all positives tests, and just 2.9% of population.

In Rockland, the 10977 zip had a 30% positive rate, while 10952 came in at 25% positive.

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Cuomo said the state is doing a zip code analysis to track the clusters, and Rockland Executive Ed Day said the county is working with the state to address the surge in cases.

"We are in continuous discussions with NYS and the Governor's Office regarding what they can do to support our efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 locally," he said in a statement. "I thank NYS for sending additional testing machines and test kits to local providers. Increasing testing will help identify how serious the local situation is while allowing our contact tracing program to warn those who may have been exposed to take protective action, we continue to urge complete compliance with these efforts."

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He said there is also a public awareness campaign.

"We are continuing to work closely with municipal, community and religious leaders throughout Rockland to remind residents of the need to stay at least 6 feet apart from other people in both indoor and outdoor spaces," he said. "And that this social distancing should be practiced in combination with everyday preventive actions including wearing masks, avoiding touching your face with unwashed hands, staying home when unwell, and frequently washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or using hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol."

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Still, he said the spike is alarming.

"It is concerning that the number of active cases continues to increase throughout Rockland and significantly increase within two zip codes within the Town of Ramapo," he said. "I am both privately and publicly urging local municipalities to utilize their employees such as building and fire inspectors and police in educational efforts. It is my expectation that appropriate enforcement action will be taken, as necessary."

The Rockland County Department of Health is also responding to locations where they receive COVID-19 related complaints to provide educational materials and guidance.

"We in government must focus all our energies on ensuring residents follow the commonsense precautions that limit the spread of this deadly disease," he said. "To the residents of our county, we all need to take this situation seriously. By working together, we can limit the further spread of COVID and protect our families, friends, and neighbors. I strongly urge all Rockland residents to do their part."

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