Coronavirus News: New legislation would provide assistance for families struggling to pay rent, utilities

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Senator Charles Schumer says he is pushing for the passage of the COVID-19 Legislation in the Senate.

The legislation would provide much-needed assistance for families struggling to pay their rent and utility bills.

Renters are currently shielded by temporary bans on evictions, but those protections will eventually end.

"The end-of-the-month should not be the end of the financial line for New York's working families," said Schumer. "As June 30th nears, we need to put real pressure on Leader McConnell to pass the COVID-4 legislation that would include critical rent relief to New Yorkers who desperately need the help. Our working families, many of color and of other minority groups in desperate need of this basic assistance so they can continue working, feeding their families and living in this city. This is the least Congress can --and must-- do given the challenges New York has uniquely suffered amid this pandemic, and that's our push today."


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