Up Close for June 11, 2023: The second Trump indictment

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Sunday, June 11, 2023
Up Close for June 11, 2023: Unpacking Trump's second indictment
A weighty and historic indictment finds Donald Trump as the first president to ever face federal criminal charges. What will it mean for the GOP race for president?

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) -- On this episode of Up Close, Donald Trump is now the first president ever to face federal criminal charges after being indicted for a second time.

A weighty and historic indictment against the former president now begs plenty of questions as his latest legal problem becomes his biggest.

What will it mean for Trump, the GOP field, and the 2024 presidential race? What will it also mean for the country?

We talk to New York Congressman Dan Goldman, the lead democratic counsel in the first impeachment trial of Donald Trump.

Plus, the nation's largest transit system is still reeling from the pandemic.

As ridership slowly rises, the biggest issue impacting the MTA is how to pay for the system.

We talk to Chairman and CEO of the MTA, Janno Liber to discuss it all.

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