Man eats off subway station floor in vacuum cleaner ad

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014
(Bissell Canada / YouTube)
Bissell Canada / YouTube

For those living in a metropolitan city with a mass transit system, you know how dirty subway stations can get. Millions of passengers stomp their greasy feet and clutch their unclean hands all over a subway station's floors and walls every day, almost turning busy commuters into natural germaphobes. But in the video below, one man turns the morning subway commute into a morning snack.

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Ravi Dalchand is a Sr. Brand Manager for Bissell Canada, a vacuum cleaner and home hardware manufacture. In the video, Dalchand stands in a subway station with a vacuum cleaner in hand. He promptly cleans up one tile of the subway's floor and proceeds to drop a carton full of pasta. When Dalchand takes his first bite, commuters are shocked and baffled to see someone eat off of the dirty floor. Balchand goes for seconds with a piece of bread, getting in the last morsel of sauce still on the floor.

Clearly Balchand is confident in the vacuum cleaner's ability to pick up grime, and from the looks of the video, the tile he cleans is significantly less dirty than those surrounding it. But eating off of a subway floor will still make commuters lose their appetite.