Baseball blues

Seven On Your Side
March 4, 2009 3:49:08 PM PST
This is a story we've been trying to resolve since last December. A deadbeat baseball tournament director delivered nothing but empty promises after a summer tournament went belly up. Danny Wynne loves baseball and hopes some day to get a baseball scholarship. So he and his teammates were excited about an upcoming travel team tournament in Long Island slated for last July.

But after his mom paid $625 to the tournament director Joe Klemowitz and Northeast Travel Baseball, the event was abruptly canceled.

"It was completely canceled pretty much last minute," mom, Omaira Wynne told 7 On Your Side's Tappy Phillips. "We were notified by email that the tournament was canceled."

So Omaira tried to get her money back. But that's when she really struck out.

"Every month it was a different story. I was, oh, you know, I'm sorry, I didn't get it back to you, but I'll mail it, I'll mail it this Monday, I'll mail it such and such a day, and he never did," said Omaira.

So we called on her behalf. Finally she was issued two checks totalling $625. But both were dated last year - 2008. One, she was able to cash, but the second one, the bank wouldn't accept.

Omaira just wanted her money and to be done with Joe Klemowitz. "If I ever saw his name again, I would never sign up for a tournament anything. I wouldn't want any ties with him whatsoever."

It took months of emails from 7 On Your Side to get the tourney director to finally pay the balance. And finally Omaira had her full refund of $625. " Thank you so much. We truly appreciate it. On behalf of the baseball team and the coaches and myself, we truly appreciate it."

Joe Klemowitz said Omaira's payment was held up because he never was paid back by the baseball tournament company that originally scheduled the event.


Story by: Tappy Phillips

Produced by: Steve Livingstone