A grave situation

Seven On Your Side
May 11, 2009 2:56:50 PM PDT
The grieving family had taken years to save up the money for a marker for the family grave. They had finally gotten the money together last year and paid a monument company, in full, for the marker. But here we are, months later, and the marker was not delivered. Every time Lamar Anthony visits his family grave a somber trip is made even more painful. That's because his family's grave is unmarked, even though Lamar paid in full for a monument.

"I really do not trust them (the monument company), with a capital T." Lamar Anthony's talking about talking about Polanco Monuments. Last August he paid the company close to $1200 for a bronze plaque with all four family members' names on it. "They said it takes 6-8 weeks."

But Lamar waited 8 months. And when no monument showed, he took the company to court. And when Polanco didn't show, he won $1335.

After the win in court Lamar says he got a call from Polanco. "They says, 'Oh, Mr. Anthony, this (the monument) is on its way, right over.'" But by this time, Lamar just wanted his money back.

"Ms. Phillips, times are hard right now. And unfortunately I am out of work at this time and we just needed some help and that is when I called you."

When we visited Polanco last week nobody let us in. And workers inside ducked behind darkened glass. Even though I tried to convince them to come out, they wouldn't. Later by phone, a Polanco rep said a check for the full amount had been mailed to Lamar before we even contacted the monument company.

After we left Lamar did get a check. He got the full amount, made out to his fiance. But when was the check sent? The postmark on the letter containing the check was post marked the day after we went to Polanco's office.

Lamar was just happy he was finally paid. "If you didn't step in, I still would be going through this. Thank you so much."

A Polanco representative told us it would've won in court if they had presented their case - but they said, they weren't able to attend court the day of the trial. And they did not explain to us why the marker was delayed. As for Lamar he plans to use the check to buy a new monument from the cemetery where his parents are interred.


Story by: Tappy Phillips

Produced by: Steve Livingstone

STORY BY: Eyewitness News reporter Tappy Phillips