Newark furlough literally stinks!

September 8, 2009 3:53:20 PM PDT
People in Newark will have to endure the sight and smell of garbage for one more day. "This seems like the least of all evils to help us get thru a budget crisis," Mayor Cory Booker said.

Sanitation trucks stayed put. Garbage bags piled up.

"Then you get the stray cats and stray dogs, and when they get into the bags and make a mess, you got to pay for it," resident Jay Devouil said.

"We have more rats and roaches coming out of this town. We don't need anymore," Jeannette Veras added.

From business corridors like Ferry Street in the Ironbound section to residential streets, people put out a long holiday weekend's worth of trash.

"I thought they were supposed to pick up the garbage today," Jose Ramos said.

Only to see it, and smell it all day.

"It stinks and you can't walk down the sidewalk," one passerby said.

Today was the first of 4 furlough days for Newark city workers -- police and fire, not included. City Hall and city offices were closed. Workers won't be paid for today, nor on the remaining furlough days of October 9th, November 2nd, and December 28th. It's all to help shore up Newark's 180 million dollar deficit.

"We saved millions of dollars for the city in total furlough days and it prevents us from cutting municipal services permanently, or laying people off right now," Booker said.

Resident Jay Devouil believes the missed trash collection will end up costing the city more money.

"Cause sometimes you only have a 2 person team, a driver and a person on the back. If the load is extra, they end up hiring somebody else for the day," he said.

The mayor points out regular pick ups are missed when snow storms hit. He said a furlough missed collection is not that bad.

"It's an inconvenience and there might be some smell today, but tomorrow we're going to address the problem," Booker said.

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