Survivors' story after a family tragedy

August 3, 2010 2:59:47 PM PDT
Eyewitness News takes an emotional look at a family tragedy from the perspective of those who were held hostage and shot by a veteran Nassau County Correction Officer.

Kim Wolfe is accused of killing her uncle and her ex-girlfriend, shooting her grandfather and kidnapping her niece.

"What has happened has happened. Can't bring it back. It's gone," Marshall Williams said.

88-year-old Marshall Williams, Sr. has nothing but time, time to think about the shooting rampage that led to the death of his son, allegedly at the hands of his granddaughter.

"She had actually lost her mind I thought," he said.

It was a rude awakening in the middle of the night, back in June.

Police say Nassau County Correction Officer Kim Wolfe gunned down her former lover, Stacie Williams, at Nassau University Medical Center, where she worked as a nurse.

Wolfe then drove a few miles to her family's house in Hempstead.

When her grandfather saw she had a gun, he called his son, Marshall, Jr., to reason with her.

"Junior said Kim, don't you think you're in enough trouble. Bew, bew, bew. When he fell I moved and she looked at me, bam, bam. You know and that was it. Anything else, I can't tell you. Because there was no argument or nothing," Williams said.

Marshall, Jr. was dead. Marshall, Sr. was bleeding heavily from a wound to the leg.

He says he was helpless to stop Wolfe from grabbing another family member, Mary Josey, and taking her hostage on a flight for freedom in Atlantic City.

"I truly thought in my mind that I was going to die. I thought I was going to die," Mary Josey, the suspect's niece said.

In the end, cops convinced Wolfe to give up.

She's now facing two counts of murder, and a judge recently ordered a psychiatric evaluation.

Her grandfather is convinced there's only one reason she'd ever cause this much pain.

"I can't be mad with her for one simple reason. I feel like she just snapped. I could snap, you could snap. When your cup filleth up it's going to run over," Williams said.