YouTube CPR tutorial can save lives

March 8, 2011 3:00:09 PM PST
Many people lose their lives after going into cardiac arrest because no one is nearby to perform CPR, but a new way of learning the technique may prevent this devastating occurrence. The American Heart Association has created a 60 second YouTube video that teaches viewers how to perform hands only CPR. The technique which is now accessible to millions of people has the capability to save up to three times the amount of lives.

"The study shows that after watching just a 60 second video, someone can perform CPR and perform it well and perhaps save a life," says Sarah V. Gillen of the American Heart Association.

The study revealed that individuals who watched a 60 second clip did just as well as those who watched a five minute clip.

Additionally, the hands only version of CPR is successful because it compresses the heart while it stills finds oxygen in the lungs and spreads the oxygenated blood throughout the body, keeping vital organs alive.

Although taking a hands on course remains important, Sarah adds, "It may be impractical for someone to take a complete course, but if they can watch a brief video, they can save a life during an emergency."

There are some instances when CPR with breathing is necessary such as situations involving infants, children, drug overdoses, and if someone is drowning.