Honest Toddler helping new parents via Twitter

July 25, 2013 9:31:50 AM PDT
New parents get advice and strength from many sources, most often books or blogs.

But now parenting advice on Twitter.

Inspiration boiled down to just 140 characters and so popular it's led to a book deal.

It's called "Honest Toddler", a twitter account with clever tweets from a toddler's perspective.

Tweets like:
"Please come home, Ii broke the house" or "How IS being forced to share NOT communism."

The comments are funny and insightful and the toddler has a legion of followers.

It began just 14 months ago with one defiant moment.

"My daughter was just standing there, defying and I was looking at her and started the account on a whim," said Bunmi Laditan.

Boomie is the mom behind the toddler. She actually has three children, her youngest just 7 weeks old and she dispenses childhood wisdom with ease.

For her, the honest toddler is just a new form of mommy journaling.

"When I'm in the thick of things, it helps me see the funny side, and find the humor in these moments," adds Bunmi.

Parents love the toddler's perspective.

Especially tweets like:
"You adults are real hypocrites...when it comes to whining..."

Her humor has led to a new book and a possible tv deal, but what she enjoys most is the response she gets from other parents and knowing that she's helping them through tough toddler times.

You can follow the honest toddler on Facebook or Twitter. The links are below.

LINK: https://www.facebook.com/honesttoddler

LINK: https://twitter.com/HonestToddler