Residents battle bar over noise in Freeport

August 29, 2013 3:20:38 PM PDT
A battle over noise is causing an uproar in one community on Long Island.

A club serving large helpings of booze and music is rankling folks in the small Nassau County Village of Freeport.

They say the music's sometimes so loud their homes shake.

By daylight the neighborhood in Freeport is quiet and peaceful.

But at night on the weekends it is a different story.

"You know that drum banging. I like Broadway tunes but not these," a resident said.

The sound is all resonating from The Patio, a bar across the street.

Sunday's party ended at approximately 3 a.m.

Neighbors say the house shaking music is just a small part of the problem.

"Two months ago there was a guy strangling a girl right across the street. There are just drunks picking up bottles," said Billy Peick, a Freeport resident.

"At 4 a.m. in the morning when they're ready to go home, they're drunk, disorderly, they're urinating in our yards, loitering in our yards, they're parking in our driveways," said Cynthia King-Sumner, a Freeport resident.

Cynthia King-Sumner says she recently found a needle one morning just outside her house where she lives with her two young daughters.

"He gives the parties but he doesn't clean up after his affairs," King-Sumner said.

The Patio's owner is Joseph Creamer.

Creamer says he's spent a lot of money trying to improve things.

"We do our best for the neighbors. We have valet parking. We have security guards on the street to make sure people don't park in front of their house. All we can do is the best in the confines of our property here," Creamer said.

Creamer showed Eyewitness News how he put up a wall behind where the bands perform to absorb some of the noise, and a row of shrubs around the parking lot to create a visual and sound barrier.

"We can't police the streets. It's not within our legal right to. All we can do is do the best here and we do," Creamer said.

"(Do you dread the weekends?) Oh yeah. Labor Day weekend. End of the summer. It's not going to be fun," a resident said.