ClassPass lets you jump around gym to gym to take different workout classes

Lauren Glassberg reporting
April 22, 2014 3:09:17 PM PDT
A key to keeping active is to keep it interesting and as you may know, working out at the same gym can get boring.

A new program lets you change things up, sampling all sorts of different classes.

Katie is now able to take classes at Boutique Fitness Studios, Flex Studios where she takes a flex Pilates class. The class usually costs $38, but she paid as little as $10 through ClassPass.

"A class pass is a monthly membership. We work with the top providers in New York City," said Payal Kadakia.

Kadakia founded ClassPass in part because she likes to change up her fitness routine by trying out different studio workouts.

When you sign up for a class pass you pay $99 dollars and you can take 10 classes with no more than 3 classes at the same studio in any given month.

There are rowing classes, cardio dance classes, you name it, you'll find it.

It's easy for you and helpful to the studio owners who need to fill their classes to make money.

ClassPass provides a whole new customer base.

And the numbers tell the story. ClassPass has made 100,000 reservations since it launched less than a year ago.

ClassPass is right now only available in New York City and Boston.