Coronavirus News: FDNY EMS member with COVID-19 is NYC's 1st first responder to test positive

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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Officials announced the first positive case of COVID-19 among medical first responders in New York City.

An FDNY EMS member who works in Brooklyn has tested positive for coronavirus, authorities said Monday.

The FDNY says 19 members of the department are self-quarantined.


Here some of the latest developments:

  • More than 100 cases now reported in New York state
  • Financial markets, oil prices plunge amid coronavirus fears
  • Schools and universities closed amid COVID-19 outbreak
  • The FDNY says the member was not exposed to COVID-19 through patient contact, and is believed to have contacted it from an individual who recently traveled overseas.

    "While asymptomatic, this member worked three tours in the last week, partnered with five fellow EMS members, and treated eleven patients," and FDNY spokesperson said. "All of the patients are being notified by the Department and will be provided additional guidance from DOHMH. The five additional EMS members are all asymptomatic and are being directed to self-quarantine."

    Oren Barzilay, President of FDNY EMS Local 2507, released the following statement:

    "This was inevitable, given that our members are continually exposed to diseases and illness.

    It has also resulted in the member who is infected, plus several of their EMS co-workers now being under a mandatory quarantine. We are confident that the FDNY, together with the Department of Health, will be diligent in tracking down people outside of the Department that have been in contact with this member.

    This news is highly illustrative of the exceptionally dangerous role that members of the FDNY Emergency Medical Service play each and every day. Despite the ongoing risks associated with this virus for our members, their families and their friends, we are all absolutely dedicated to protecting New Yorkers with the emergency medical services they need during these uncertain times."

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